Broussard votes to increase water, sewer and garbage fees

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BROUSSARD — The Broussard City Council on Tuesday unanimously agreed to again increase utility rates for city residents, bumping up water, sewer and garbage fees.

The new rates are being imposed as part of a 5-year plan to increase utility rates after an audit found the city was losing money. The rates had initially increased by 5 percent in July to help combat this, Councilman Ray Bourque said after the meeting.

The monthly residential water rates increased from $6.57 for the first 2,000 gallons of usage and $2.27 per 1,000 gallons after that to $7.03 for the first 2,000 gallons and $2.43 per 1,000 gallons after that.

For sewer services, Broussard residents previously paid $4.50 for the first 3,000 gallons of usage and $2.02 per subsequent 1,000 gallons per month. They’ll now pay a monthly $4.82 for the first 3,000 gallons and $2.16 per 1,000 gallons after that.

In addition, residents also will see increased fees to activate these services. A refundable deposit of $100 will be charged to activate water meters — double its previous amount — while the sewer tap fee will increase from $75 to $200.

The new rates will go into effect on Feb. 1.

Residents also will see an increased fee for garbage pickup. The city previously charged $17.98 a month. The fee now has been increased to an even $19 a month.

The fee increase was adopted without debate. It will go into effect retroactively for the month of January.

Bourque said they had to increase garbage rates after Waste Management, the service the city uses to pick up trash, increase its rates beginning in January.

And with a new year, the council itself saw at least one change.

New Councilwoman Gertrude Batiste was sworn in at Tuesday’s meeting, saying she is happy to be back working with the mayor, her fellow council members and the constituents of Broussard after having been unseated from the position in 2010.

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