Youngsville and Broussard Mayors Join Forces to Plan for Increase of Students in Their Areas

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Lafayette’s ever expanding community plays a large part in the huge economic success the city has had through what have been rough times in the rest of the country.

But with an expanding community comes overcrowding in schools, and two of the fastest growing cities Youngsville and Broussard, are trying to tackle the problem of overcrowding through a joint effort of Youngsville Mayor-Elect Ken Ritter and Broussard Mayor Charles Langlinais.

Both mayor’s have asked for Superintendent Pat Cooper’s assistance in pointing both towns in the right direction of expanding the schools along with their population.

“Our residents love our schools here, but at top of mind for everybody is overcrowding. I’ve gone on record to say that I will stop at nothing to get a new high school built in our community. Our residents expect it, so I am here today with the superintendent to let him know that I want to work together. It’s time to put the politics and personalities behind us and really get to work on planning for our future. I think that involves a new high school in the Youngsville and Broussard area.” said Mayor-Elect Ritter.

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