Billeaud’s Grocery Featured in Article: How Gas Stations Became Food Meccas in the South

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Read the full article featuring one of our local favorites:

Look at Billeaud’s Grocery, which is housed in a Broussard, Louisiana Shell station. It is world-famous for its boudin, a traditional Cajun sausage stuffed with rice, vegetables, and pork, along with homemade cracklins and old-school tubs of lard. Billeaud’s boudin is widely regarded as the best in the state not only for its consistency, which comes courtesy of a perfect meat-to-vegetable-to-rice ratio so that each bite offers a bit of all three, but also for owner Billy Billeaud’s famous signature spice blend, which is smoky and sweet, well-spiced without being uncomfortably hot, and just salty enough to hold up to an ice-cold beer. Out front, food tourists pump gas shoulder-to-shoulder with townies before heading up Highway 90 to meet I-10, which takes them out of Cajun Country and into the world.

Original article by Emily Alford at The Thrillist