Broussard acquires downtown property for new fire, police stations and passive park

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Photo Credit: The Advocate’s photographer Leslie Westbrook

Acquiring Arceneaux Park is one part of the overall plan to revitalize our historic downtown and invigorate economic development. Plans include transforming the 30 acres into a passive park with festival grounds and walking trails that will connect to biking and walking trails for the entire downtown district. The proposed master plan for the overall revitalization can be viewed at:

The city of Broussard has taken the first steps toward upgrading its police and fire stations and revitalizing its downtown district by purchasing 10 acres of land and acquiring maintenance rights to the adjacent Arceneaux Park.

In July, Broussard purchased a 10-acre piece of property along the city’s downtown corridor for $750,000. The city’s plan is to build new police and fire departments on the land in the coming years.

Last month, Broussard also took over maintenance and upkeep responsibilities at Arceneaux Park, which was formerly managed by the Lafayette Consolidated Government. The 30-acre park on Main Street once served as the city’s baseball and softball hub, but it’s been largely unused since the Broussard Sports Complex and nearby Youngsville Sports Complex opened.

“To the city of Broussard, acquiring Arceneaux Park is more significant than acquiring 30 acres of land,” said Broussard Mayor Ray Bourque. “It’s about the utilization of the 10 acres that Broussard purchased this year adjacent to Arceneaux Park that will serve as the location for our police and fire stations. It’s deliberate planning and providing opportunity to the residents and businesses of our city.”

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