Broussard Hosts Charrette To Get Public Input On Master Plan

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While improving roads and drainage remain top priorities for Broussard, the city is also looking to invest in Downtown and Main St. as part of its master plan.

Broussard officials put on a charrette to get residents and business owners involved.

“It’s a great thing they are bringing to the public and letting our opinion have a little say-so in it.” said Tonny Touchet who has lived in Broussard for ten years.

He wants to see the city grow, but he hopes officials are mindful of who’s already here.

“My main concern is the older people that are here so they don’t get pushed out. When they come over and start doing things in town, they need to think about the older people that have been there their whole life.” Touchet explained.

Touchet and other residents gave direct input into how they would like to see Broussard improve its downtown and main street during this town hall meeting.

For Broussard Mayor Ray Bourque, this is where envisioning Broussard’s future starts.

“I would like to see the city take some pride in improving it, beautifying it, a walk-able downtown, a downtown where people can spend time eating a restaurants, new restaurants that would appear, something that helps bolster our economy and areas for new developments to invest in downtown Broussard.” said Mayor Bourque.

While it will take time to develop specifics, Bourque is happy residents are taking this seriously.

“It’s their city, it’s the resident’s city and we want to make sure we work and deliver a product that’s good for them.” said Mayor Bourque.

Anyone who missed today’s charrette still has the opportunity to give input by going to

The final product will be presented on Thursday at 5:30 pm at the Ballroom of Broussard.

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