Hungry As A Mother: Broussard plate lunch, meal prep started as a food blog

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Hungry and homesick, Amy Wellborn picked up the phone and called her mom.

“My mom basically taught me how to cook over the phone,” Wellborn said. “So, after a lot of phone conversations, I had kind of nailed it.”

 When Wellborn moved out of Louisiana for work, she would host holidays with friends, cooking and introducing Cajun food to those she shared Thanksgiving or Christmas with.

“Food is my love language,” she said. “So I’ve always cooked for people, and that’s always kind of been my thing.”

Through the years she maintained those friendships, exchanging phone calls about recipes,  continuing what she started with her mom. But then friends wanted her to start a cookbook.

Hungry As A Mother, Wellborn’s drive-thru plate lunch restaurant and meal prep business, started as a food blog and manifested quickly into the company it is today.