Principal of St. Cecilia School in Broussard gets retirement parade

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St. Cecilia School Principal George Fontenot was sent off to retirement with a parade and fanfare.

On Wednesday a car line parade in his honor was held with students, parents, and alumni riding by and giving gifts, cards, waving banners, and wishing Fontenot a happy retirement..

“This kind man has led our school with love, compassion, and devotion for 20 years, all the while modeling his love for God and family. We love you, we will miss you, and we hope you enjoy MANY rounds of golf,” St. Cecilia School said in a Facebook post.

Fontenot says the parade, which came through the schools car line, was unexpected but a great surprise.

“I was wondering what all the noise was about. When I heard the announcement to come out to the car line and I’m like, this is probably not a good thing…but it was a great thing,” Fontenot said of the parade.