SLEMCO Utility Assistance Program

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For SLEMCO members facing unexpected challenges and not already receiving any type of assistance with their utility bills, they have established a Utility Assistance Program. Qualifying SLEMCO members who apply can receive a one-time $200 grant payment to their SLEMCO account. The application must be in the SLEMCO account holder’s name and the SLEMCO member applying must have experienced one of the qualifying life events listed below.

Participation requirements:

    • Job loss in the last year
    • Death of a spouse in the last year
    • Recent medical emergency

The link to apply is below. The application, along with a copy of a current photo ID, copies of your two most recent bank statements, and proof of the qualifying life event must be emailed to Once they have processed your application, you will be contacted via email to let you know the status of your application.

SLEMCO wants to make the path forward for our hardest hit members, just a little smoother.

Grants are awarded monthly on a first-come, first-served basis, as long as monies are available in the Utility Assistance Fund. Please click the following link to apply.